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It was about 120 years ago when the then-Shah of Iran asked a well-known Swiss clock repairman to travel to his home country to repair the numerous luxury clocks that decorated his large and impressive palace.

At that time in Iran, clocks were expensive luxury items not to be found in ordinary homes. Only the very wealthy families could manage to have maybe one.

With clocks being so rare and expensive at that time, it was very hard to find a knowledgeable and experienced handyman who would dare to try to repair clocks in the country.

Therefore, having a good clock repairman at the grand palace of the Shah was a sign of nobility and power as well as being a necessity considering the large number of clocks that existed in the palace.

And, for the Swiss clock man this was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity going where he would be considered a commodity and treated well, and where he could associate with the royalty.

Soon after his arrival, the clock man began to like living in Tehran – the capital city of Iran. As he started to settle down in the country, he also brought his family to stay with him.




After 20 years living in Iran, when the country’s census bureau started to work for the first time, the clock man took up the name “Saatchi” as his family name which means “clock man” in Farsi. There was a very good justification for him to do so as he was the only clock repairman in the country.

As the years went by, the Saatchi family grew in Iran establishing recognition as a prominent family involved in the watch and jewelry business.

Many years later, the younger brother moved to Baghdad and also started working in this business under the Saatchi name.

And, the sons in the family, moved to London about 50 years later, launching the very famous Saatchi & Saatchi Company there.




The Saatchi family worked for the Shah of Iran and in his palace for four consecutive generations.

“My grandfather was the fourth Saatchi generation that worked at the Shah’s palace,” says Max Saatchi at Saatchi Jewelry in New York City. “I remember being a child when he took me with him to the palace and let me play as he repaired and attended the clocks there.”

But Mr. Saatchi’s grandfather was the last Saatchi to work for the Royal family of Iran. Changes in the political scene in that country forced the Saatchi family to once again look for a new home elsewhere.




In 1987, Mr. Saatchi chose New York City as the base for the Saatchi Jewelry Company.

The new Saatchi jewelry started out by offering brand name jewelry and watches. That is of course beside the tradition that ran in the family repairing clocks and watches.

But soon the company began designing and hand-crafting its own custom designer jewelry.

Today, the name Saatchi is recognized in New York City and all across the United States as a well-known hand-made custom-designed jewelry as well as luxury watches and jewelry.

Saatchi Jewelry is known for its exceptional craftsmanship in making original designer jewelry as well as offering brand name watches and jewelry.

“We are ready to answer all types of requests,” say’s Max Saatchi adding, “the entire line of Saatchi Jewelry is original and we even make you custom jewelry according to your taste and request.”

And, Saatchi jewelry is proud not only for its quality of products, but also for its prices.

“With over a century of experience, the Saatchi Jewelry is here to provide you with what you desire at the price you can’t resist.”