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    • 14 K White Gold  Diamond Oval Motif Bracelet Sale
    • $2,200.00 $4,400.00
      A dose of purity and elegance! Elegant and exquisite, this 14 k white gold bracelet is articulated with unique oval design impeccably linked together to wrap the delicate wrist. Incorporating dazzling 2.5 ct diamonds, this exceptional bracelet brings visual intrigue with its unmatched charisma. Flattering design and glamorous touch make the bracelet an epitome of unmatched beauty. Rendered with high-quality 14 k white...
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    • 14 K White Gold Diamond Circle Halo Bracelet Sale
    • $2,700.00 $3,900.00
      Grace your wrist with this aesthetically amazing and timeless 14K white gold bracelet embellished with 3.35 ct diamonds.  Inspired by the varying shades of light, this striking necklace is handcrafted with an array of round cut diamonds to create a magnificent burst of a beautiful pattern. An ensemble of oval and round shape arrangements, with a variety of cuts, further...
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    • 14 K White Gold Diamond Floral Whimsy Bracelet Sale
    • $2,800.00 $4,400.00
      A touch of beauty and brilliance to shine through! Captivating and contemporary, the alluring 14 k white gold bracelet brilliantly depicts the floral charm. Engraved with the enthralling flower pattern beautifully complemented with 2.5 ct diamonds, the bracelet dazzles the delicate wrist with its everlasting shine. Interlinked with alternative cluster pattern embracing four gleaming diamonds, the masterpiece shimmers with its all glory.  Composed...
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    • 14 k White Gold Diamond Swirling Braided Bracelet Sale
    • $2,900.00 $3,900.00
      A dose of everlasting glitter to shine on! Rendered perfectly in 14 k white gold, this graceful bracelet awaits to wrap a delicate wrist. Dazzling with the swirling pattern that is embedded with 2 ct diamonds, this masterpiece flaunts the artistic brilliance and shine. Featuring a side clasp, the bracelet keeps itself secure in its place. The meticulous design amalgamated...
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    • 14K Black Rhodium Diamond Cylinder Woven Bracelet Sale
    • $895.00 $1,500.00
      Royal in its essence, a regal touch of bold design is creatively taken a form of a mesmerizing bracelet. The stunning woven pattern defines the noble character of the 14K black rhodium while exhibiting a ring dazzling with 0.15 Carat weight diamonds in its center. Combining the perfection with creative vision, the bracelet reigns over the wrist in all its...
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    • 14K Gold Colorful Beads Plain Bracelet Sale
    • $620.00 $1,100.00
      This bracelet is lavishly crafted from the amalgamation of 14K yellow gold /white gold/rose gold to make an unparalleled sparkling statement. Embracing a striking beaded design that is linked with a thread of creativity and artistic elegance, the bracelet elegantly wraps the wrist. Carved with a classic design where the shining beads exalt classic essence with a contemporary vibe, the...
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    • 14K Gold Diamond Two Tone Link Bracelet Sale
    • $3,500.00 $4,800.00
      Enriched with a dual tone of yellow gold and white gold, the 14 k gold bracelet awaits to wrap the delicate wrist. Indulged in the splendor of gold, the bracelet elevates its beauty by embracing brilliant cut 2.5 ct diamonds. The stunning ring patterns embossed with the dazzle of diamonds are interlinked to form this masterpiece.  Designed with precision, this...
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    • 14K Oval Links Diamond Yellow Gold Bracelet Sale
    • $7,115.00 $12,445.00
      Stone: Diamonds Metal: 14K Yellow Gold Setting Type: Prong Clasp: Hidden Clasp Height: 0.75 inches Width: 8 inches Diamonds Information: Shape: Round Carat Weight: 4.55 Clarity: SI Color: G-H
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    • 14K Rose Gold Diamond Double halo Mesh Bracelet Sale
    • $895.00 $1,600.00
      Gleaming with the splendor of 14K rose gold, the alluring bracelet glances with daring creativity. Crafted with artistic excellence, the bracelet is a distinctive creation. A stunning pattern embraces the chain with a double halo of 0.65 Carat weight diamonds dangling from its center. These dazzling diamonds possess SI clarity and G-H color. A secured clasp is provided to fit the...
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    • 14K Rose Gold Diamond Mesh Roundelle Bracelet Sale
    • $1,450.00 $2,480.00
      Celebrating the creative spirit with a captivating mesh design, the stunning roundelle bracelet is an ode to the beauty and timeless elegance of a diva. The striking bracelet is augmented in a soft pinkish hue of 14K rose gold that is perfectly complemented by 0.20-carat weight diamonds nestled in the two rings that are embracing the bracelet. Crafted from premium...
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    • 14K Rose Gold Diamond Mesmerize 3 Cylinder Bracelet Sale
    • $1,490.00 $2,680.00
      The appealing bracelet embraces the wrist with a graceful combination of a pink shade of rose gold and shimmery diamonds. Crafted with 14K rose gold, the bracelet is embellished with a stunning design with 3 cylinder motifs decked with round-cut, 1.05 Carat weight diamonds having SI clarity and G-H color. The exceptional design depicts a story of artistic elegance while...
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    • 14K Rose Gold Diamond Oval Links Bracelet Sale
    • $7,200.00 $13,100.00
      An alluring touch of gleam and elegance! The bold patterns of 14K rose gold oval links are linked together whimsically to curate this breathtakingly beautiful bracelet. Bringing all the oval links together the circular patterns shines with the sparkle of 2.45 Carat weight diamonds. Nestled in a prong setting, the diamonds studded in the circular rings features SI clarity and...
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    • 14K Rose Gold Diamond Slim Soft Mesh 1 1/4" Bracelet Sale
    • $3,290.00 $5,800.00
      Crowned with magnificent 1.00 Carat weight diamonds nestled in a prong setting and refined with a soft touch of 14K rose gold, the bracelet wraps the wrist with glory. The slim bracelet shines with 78 dazzling diamonds with SI clarity and G-H color. Rich in Charisma and bold in its volume, this jeweled masterpiece unveils audacious style. Created from optimum...
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    • 14K Rose Gold Diamond Soft Mesh 1 1/4" Bracelet Sale
    • $4,350.00 $7,800.00
      Capturing the power of attraction, the 14K rose gold soft mesh bracelet glorifies the wrist with glamour and sophistication. Inspired by the sensuality of women’s gaze, the bracelet channels the irresistible beauty of its intricate design. The bracelet treasures 97 dazzling diamonds with 1.21 Carat weight, SI clarity and G-H color in its heart to beat with enduring sparkle. Nestled...
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    • 14k Soft Mesh 1 1/4 '' yellow gold bracelet Sale
    • $2,995.00 $5,362.00
      Stone: Diamonds Metal: 14K Rose Gold Height: 1.25 inches Width: 7.25 inches Weight (grams): 56.3 grams
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    • 14K White Gold And Diamond Oval Link Bracelet Sale
    • $2,000.00 $3,800.00
      An alluring amalgamation of the brilliance and beauty! The elegance of white gold is exceptionally incorporated into a striking oval design linked together to form a masterpiece bracelet. Lavishly adorned with 3ct diamonds, this highly unique bracelet makes an epitome of stunning craftsmanship.The mesmerizing halo of the sparkling diamonds confers an angelic charm to the wrist. Composed of high-quality 14K...
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