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    • 14 K Soft Mesh Yellow Gold Ring Sale
    • $381.00 $676.00
      An epitome of unmatched brilliance! Let the halo of this masterfully crafted contemporary style ring embrace your finger. Crafted with premium quality yellow gold, the ring exudes a breath-taking charisma. The beaded design conveys the story of artistic excellence that awaits to set on your delicate finger in all its glory. Embellish your finger with this exceptional 7.1 gram ring...
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    • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond 3 Circle Goose Wrap Around Ring Sale
    • $2,500.00 $4,400.00
      Sensual and sophisticated, the exquisite ring posses a vintage silhouette with teasing spiral curves. Crafted in 18K yellow gold, the elegant ring is dazzled with the halo of 3 round cut 0.25 Carat weight diamonds. Excellently graded with SI clarity and G-H color, the diamonds are amalgamated with the splendor of lustrous yellow gold to form this mesmerizing creation. Rendered...
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    • 18K Gold Diamond Rainbow Dome Ring Sale
    • $1,500.00 $2,720.00
      Wrapping elegantly around the finger, the rainbow dome ring exhibit a breathtaking melange of yellow, white and rose gold. Sweeping over the top of the hand, 194 dazzling diamonds with 1.20 Carat weight are encrusted in the ring to evoke a sense of unusual aesthetics and exemplary goldsmithing. Exceptional craftsmanship and boundless imagination make this ring an eternal piece to...
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    • 18K Rose Gold Diamond 3 Circle Goose Ring Sale
    • $2,098.00 $3,800.00
      Shining in the glory of lustrous rose gold, this 18K diamond three circle goose ring celebrates the extraordinary beauty of a diva. The stripped pattern of the ring is elevated by 3 round-cut diamonds set in a prong-setting and posses 1.50 Carat weight. With color G-H and clarity SI, the dazzling diamonds reveals all the shades of preciousness. Rendered in...
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    • 14K Yellow Gold Stripes Diamond Ring Sale
    • $395.00 $700.00
      A sparkling touch of allure and elegance! The lustrous sheen of 14K yellow gold is amalgamated with the sparkle of 0.12 Carat diamonds to form this exceptional creation. The striking stripe design captivates the eye and the 8 round cut diamonds nestled in a prong setting at the center elevates the beauty of the ring. Crafted in optimum quality 14K...
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    • 14K White Gold Stripes Diamond Ring Sale
    • $395.00 $700.00
      An ode to the mesmerizing beauty and sparkle! This stunning diamond ring, set in 14K white gold, is a melodious harmony of the splendor of gold and the brilliance of diamonds. Manifesting its exceptional stripe design that is carved in the lustrous white gold, the ring holds a set of 8 diamonds with 0.12 Carat weight nestled in a prong...
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    • 14K 3 Diamond Bars Large Goose Ring Sale
    • $1,500.00 $2,700.00
      An awe-inspiring gesture of the love of your life! Wispy bars of dazzling diamonds are embracing the splendor of 14 K yellow gold in this ring. Masterfully crafted with pretty diamonds of 1.10 carat with SI clarity grade and G-H color. Flawlessly formed with a unique and captivating curved design, the masterpiece awaits to cuddle your delicate finger. Rendered in...
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    • 14K Rose Gold Stripes Diamond Ring Sale
    • $395.00 $700.00
      Luxurious and extravagant, the mesmerizing 14K rose gold ring exude an alluring charm to the finger. The set of 8 Brilliant cut diamonds with 0.12 Carat weight and prong-setting set in the center to lend their sparkle to this splendid ring. With the captivating stripe design that confers a contemporary touch, this piece of jewelry is our labor of love....
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    • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Bar Goose Wrap Around Ring Sale
    • $2,259.00 $4,000.00
      This dainty goose wrap ring embellished with the glistening 18 K yellow gold wraps its way around the fingers of your choosing. Making a flawless addition to any hand, the ring features a Spiral manifestation of aesthetics and artistry. Brilliant round cut 0.25 diamonds nestled within a rectangular bar-shaped frame and twinkle like stars in a mesmerizing summer night. SI...
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    • 18K Diamond 3 Row Cross Over Ring Sale
    • $2,718.00 $4,760.00
      Crossing over the finger to wrap around, this mesmerizing ring is a dazzling fusion of rose and white gold. Gleaming like tiny water droplets, white diamonds twinkle from the ring as it traces the fingers. Carved with optimum rose gold with the accent of 1.65 Carat diamonds with SI clarity and G-H color that rest teasingly on the ring. The...
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    • 18K Diamond 3 Marquiese Fashion Ring Sale
    • $3,860.00 $7,000.00
      Inspired by the feminine elegance, the marquise fashion ring masterfully depicts a story of enchanting allure and beauty. Carved with 18 K rose gold, the ring exudes a sparkling aura with 1.60 Carat weight diamonds.The brilliant round cut diamonds having SI clarity, and G-H color are nested in the marquise fashion rose gold frame that evokes a vision of a...
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    • 14K Soft Mesh White Gold Ring Sale
    • $371.80 $676.22
      An epitome of glamour, grace, and sophistication! Glowing in the divine white aura, this captivating ring is a breathtaking creation of 14K white gold. The sparkling ring showcases the unique soft mesh pattern that amazingly conveys the artistic excellence.   The shimmery elongated stone at the center magnetizes the viewer to adorn it in their finger. Preened with the vanity of...
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    • 18K Diamond 2 Tone Cross Over Ring Sale
    • $1,992.00 $3,584.00
      Destined to curve gracefully around the finger, the shimmering ring captures the aura of 18K yellow gold with a hint of black shade. Meticulously crafted with cascades of 1.50 Carat weights diamonds having SI clarity and G-H color, the ring will sure add levity to the dressy weekend affair. Evoking a glistening rush, the ring exhibits a captivating crossover pattern...
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    • 18 K Rose Gold Diamond Splendor Ring Sale
    • $1,120.00 $1,870.00
      Grand and alluring, this exclusive rose gold ring sits elegantly around the finger to create a captivating display of luxury and artistry. Radiating with white diamonds of 0.80 Carat weight, the ring drape the finger with the glory of a swirling galaxy of stars. Crafted with artistic brilliance, the ring features diamonds with SI clarity and G-H color. Created from...
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    • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond 3 Large Bar Cross Over Ring Sale
    • $3,960.00 $7,200.00
      Timelessly stunning, this sparkling 18K yellow gold ring showcases a curvy pattern of gleaming channel designed in a delicate wave crossover style. Rows of 2.25 Carat weight diamonds with a prong setting embrace the ring to confer a touch of indulgence. The SI clarity and G-H color of the diamonds depict the purity, and the mesmerizing design presents a testimony...
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    • 14K Soft Mesh Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Sale
    • $726.00 $1,120.00
      The hypnotic charisma of the 14K yellow gold is amalgamated with the brilliance of 27 dazzling diamonds to render this stunning ring. Elevated with a soft mesh design the ring embrace the sparkle of 0.35 Carats diamonds set with a prong-setting, SI clarity and G-H color. Celebrating eternity and modernity, the lustrous ring exudes poise and elegance. Made of high-quality...
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