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    • 18K White Gold Diamond and Emerald Persian Floral Necklace Sale
    • $4,000.00 $6,000.00
      A glorious touch of sparkle! Infused with the grace of green emerald and white diamonds, the 18K white gold pendant necklace makes a statement. This captivating Persian handmade necklace features an array of enchanting flower motifs augmented with the brilliant cut 4.5ct. diamonds set with precision. Creating an elegant floral silhouette, the necklace is enhanced with a cushion cut emerald...
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    • 18 k White Gold Diamond Sapphire Blue Allure Necklace Sale
    • $6,800.00 $9,000.00
      A lustrous touch of luxurious sheen! Embrace the mesmerizing azure with this statement-worthy 18 k white gold and sapphire necklace. The 6ct.white diamonds and deep blue pear-shaped sapphires enhance the grace of this majestic eternity-style necklace. The extraordinary piece showcases the exceptional craftsmanship with the diamonds playfully set upon a spike while the drops of scintillating sapphire elegantly fixed to...
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    • 18K White Gold Colorful Diamond Necklace Sale
    • $4,000.00 $6,000.00
      Drawing inspiration from the nuances of light, the mesmerizing necklace amalgamates mélange of colorful diamonds in a fluid and playful juxtaposition. Creating a classic silhouette, these diamonds are set in a 14K white gold. Radiating vivid shades of pink, orange, yellow and green luminance, the sparkling necklace enhance the neckline with everlasting charm. Connected with a captivating pattern of white gold, the...
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    • 14 K White Gold Diamond Emerald Pendant Necklace Sale
    • $3,000.00 $3,500.00
      Culminated in the personification of magnificence, this dazzling 14 k white gold necklace is so bright with the light that evokes an air of envy and admiration about the wearer. The splendor of 4 ct diamonds complements the captivating emerald green shade that is incorporated beautifully into the pendant. The magnetizing floral motif around the square-shaped emerald capture the attention...
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    • 14K White Gold Emerald Diamond Floral Pendant Necklace Sale
    • $2,500.00 $3,000.00
      Reflecting the artistic excellence, the stunning 14 k white gold beauty is ready to adorn your petite neckline in all of its brilliance and splendor. Lavishly embellished with dazzling 3 ct diamonds, it exudes a golden hint. The radiant green color of the oval-shaped emerald adorned at the pendant with a floral design beckons all who lay their gazes on it. ...
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    • Yellow Gold Diamond Swirl Floral Pattern Necklace Sale
    • $700.00 $900.00
      Meticulously singled out from disparate worlds, seamless diamonds and yellow gold form exquisite swirling floral patterns to connect beauty and nature. Embossed with dazzling round cut diamonds, the necklace exudes a gleaming aura that mesmerizes the onlooker. The central floral motif with exquisite design adds interest to the shimmering piece and conveys a story of flowery aesthetic. Destined to dazzle...
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    • Pearl Necklace with Yellow Gold and Amethyst Necklace
    • $2,000.00
      Bound to turn heads, this luminous multi-layered pearl necklace is graced with an amethyst pendant. Dazzling in deep violet, the pear-shaped amethyst pendant captivates with majestic mystique. Surrounded by the halo of elegant yellow gold, the necklace amalgamates the beauty of white pears threaded in multiple layers to meet the exquisite amethyst pendant. Caressed by artistic elegance, the masterpiece lends...
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    • 14K/18K Yellow Gold and Silver Yellow Topaz Necklace Earring Set Sale
    • $12,500.00 $18,000.00
      Exhibiting the timeless elegance of the 14k/18k yellow gold and silver, the stunning masterpiece dazzles the neckline with a dose of sparkle. Imitating a vine with buds, an array of the warm yellow color of topaz haloed by floral designs and over 700 diamonds engulfs the necklace. Three yellow topaz studded embellishment dangles below the necklace to augment the aura...
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    • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Emerald Grace Necklace Sale
    • $19,000.00 $29,000.00
      The unmatched elegance of18K yellow gold, dazzling allure of diamond and glory of green emerald are beautifully blended to form this exceptional necklace. The chain of interconnecting circular links is studded with and lead its way to the captivating pendant. Embellished with a mesmerizing floral gold frame, the pendant embraces the gracious green 5ct. emeralds. Remove the pendant to turn...
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    • Antelope Inspired 18K Yellow Gold Necklace, Bangle and Arm Cuff Set Sale
    • $21,000.00 $30,000.00
      Inspired by the elegance of the antelope, the set of unique 14k yellow gold necklace, arm cuff and bangle makes an exquisite addition to any jewelry collection. The 22 kt. gold finish 154 grams necklace and the 70 grams arm cuff takes a form of twisted rope that ends with the union of an enthralling pair of heads of antelope....
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    • 18kyw Diamond 0.63 YD 1.04 (Not Shown) Necklace Sale
    • $9,800.00 $16,435.00
      Featuring our 18k white Gold Diamond necklace comes out to a total of 1.67ctw. This 18k white Gold Diamond necklace contains 16 white Round Brilliant Diamonds that total out to 0.63ct. The remainder of this design contains 1 natural yellow Diamond totaling out to 1.04ct. The white Diamonds are G/SI1 Color Clarity.
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    • Platinum Station Diamond Hint Necklace Sale
    • $3,100.00 $4,500.00
      A dazzling statement of impeccable style and sophistication! Proudly rendered in glorious platinum, the whimsical necklace delicately drapes around a woman's décolletage. Defined by a rigid shape, it allows making a bold statement. Adorned with the shimmer of brilliant diamonds the polished platinum necklace is stationed with an eye-catching rigid pattern. Exuding the classic grace and artistic whimsy, the classic necklace elegantly embraces...
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    • 14K White-Gold Diamond Elongated Rectangular Pendant Necklace Sale
    • $1,700.00 $2,400.00
      The radiant purity of 14K white gold and dazzling diamond is beautifully captured in this awe-inspiring necklace. Mingled with an elongated hexagonal pendant that features a drop design at the end, the stunning piece is created with artistic excellence. The hint of round cut diamonds along the chain, and the pendant assures to bestow enduring sparkle to the neckline.    Made...
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    • Platinum Diamond Pendant Necklace Sale
    • $5,200.00 $6,800.00
      Graced with shimmering elegance of platinum, this luscious pendant necklace makes you fall in love at the first sight. Embraced with enchanting floral motifs embellished with sparkling diamonds, the diamond shaped pendant sways with elegance and contemporary charisma. The dangling pendant holds an on orange gemstone at the center that captivates the eye. A round cut diamond hangs below the...
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    • 14K White Gold and Diamond Floral Charm Necklace Sale
    • $1,850.00 $2,900.00
      Ultimate incarnation of timeless glamour! This exquisite necklace of 14K white gold is inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the flower. The captivating floral motif pendant and the floral design along the ornate chain make the necklace a masterpiece to treasure. The hint of round cut diamonds nested at the center of floral motifs brings sparkle to the eye. Composed...
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    • 18K White Gold Multicolored Diamond Necklace Sale
    • $2,500.00 $3,400.00
      Encapsulating the artistic elegance, this astounding 18K white gold necklace displays a dazzling collective radiance of yellow, black and white diamonds. The white gold chain extends to meet a white diamond encrusted ring that features fine chains dangling below it. Embellished with the white and yellow diamonds, the chain ends up with a shining curvy pattern encrusted with diamonds. Swinging...
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