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    • Classic 14 K White Gold and Diamond Necklace Sale
    • $16,600.00 $32,000.00
      Entwined by an invisible thread of creativity, this elegant neckpiece confers a testimony of pure elegance. The array of dazzling 9.5ct round brilliant-cut diamonds in four prong setting is incredibly set in gleaming 14K white gold with stone mounted links. Highlighting a few large diamonds incorporated into the smaller ones, this masterpiece is a beautiful expression of unmatched artistic excellence. Created from...
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    • 14 K White Gold Diamond Necklace With Square Emerald Pendant Sale
    • $3,000.00 $3,500.00
      Manifesting the unsurpassed elegance and beauty, this meticulously crafted necklace is an astonishing creation from the purest 14k white gold. The heart-shaped design and dazzling diamonds cut into hexagons and round shape and emerald along the chain ooze unmatched brilliance. Lavishly adorned with the stunning square shape emerald, the pendant is decorated with floral design. Made of the premium quality...
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    • 18K White Gold Diamond and Emerald Persian Floral Necklace Sale
    • $4,000.00 $6,000.00
      A glorious touch of sparkle! Infused with the grace of green emerald and white diamonds, the 18K white gold pendant necklace makes a statement. This captivating Persian handmade necklace features an array of enchanting flower motifs augmented with the brilliant cut 4.5ct. diamonds set with precision. Creating an elegant floral silhouette, the necklace is enhanced with a cushion cut emerald...
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    • 18 k White Gold Diamond Sapphire Blue Allure Necklace Sale
    • $6,800.00 $9,000.00
      A lustrous touch of luxurious sheen! Embrace the mesmerizing azure with this statement-worthy 18 k white gold and sapphire necklace. The 6ct.white diamonds and deep blue pear-shaped sapphires enhance the grace of this majestic eternity-style necklace. The extraordinary piece showcases the exceptional craftsmanship with the diamonds playfully set upon a spike while the drops of scintillating sapphire elegantly fixed to...
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    • 14 K White Gold Diamond Emerald Pendant Necklace Sale
    • $3,000.00 $3,500.00
      Culminated in the personification of magnificence, this dazzling 14 k white gold necklace is so bright with the light that evokes an air of envy and admiration about the wearer. The splendor of 4 ct diamonds complements the captivating emerald green shade that is incorporated beautifully into the pendant. The magnetizing floral motif around the square-shaped emerald capture the attention...
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    • 14K White Gold and Diamond Floral Charm Necklace Sale
    • $1,850.00 $2,900.00
      Ultimate incarnation of timeless glamour! This exquisite necklace of 14K white gold is inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the flower. The captivating floral motif pendant and the floral design along the ornate chain make the necklace a masterpiece to treasure. The hint of round cut diamonds nested at the center of floral motifs brings sparkle to the eye. Composed...
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    • 18K White Gold Multicolored Diamond Necklace Sale
    • $2,500.00 $3,400.00
      Encapsulating the artistic elegance, this astounding 18K white gold necklace displays a dazzling collective radiance of yellow, black and white diamonds. The white gold chain extends to meet a white diamond encrusted ring that features fine chains dangling below it. Embellished with the white and yellow diamonds, the chain ends up with a shining curvy pattern encrusted with diamonds. Swinging...
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    • 18K White Gold Diamond Gleaming Dual Heart Necklace Sale
    • $6,800.00 $11,234.00
      An epitome of everlasting love! Embossed with the sparkling diamonds, the 18K white gold chain is united in a twisting design at the bottom. Enveloped in a twisting pattern the chain leads its way to the feminine duo of hearts falls elegantly from a delicate chain. Indulged in the gleam of 2.59 Carat diamonds, the sparkling duo elevates the neckline....
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    • 14 K White Gold & Diamond Studded Rectangular Pendant Necklace Sale
    • $2,500.00 $3,300.00
      A dose of elegance to the delicate neckline! This whimsical 14k white gold chain with delicate links is layered to form a matchless style. The three layers of chain meet the stunning rectangular pendant with floral motif at the end. Embedded with round cut, 1ct diamonds the pendant conveys the story of artistic excellence. Made of premium 14 K White...
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