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    • 14K White Gold Diamond Soft Mesh Buckle Bracelet Sale
    • $5,100.00 $9,200.00
      Capturing a mesmerizing soft mesh design and glorifying the allure of white gold and diamonds, the bracelet is the architecture of opulent and regal beauty, masterfully designed with the optimum quality 14K white gold and 1.75 Carat diamonds, the bracelet is a testament of beauty. A fascinating secure clasp makes the bracelet embrace your wrist with poise and elegance. Rendered...
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    • 14K White Gold Diamond Shimmer Linked Bracelet Sale
    • $6,600.00 $12,000.00
      A festive and elegant touch of sparkle! Charming with the elegance of white gold and preciousness of the dazzling diamonds, the stunning bracelet shines with timeless sophistication. The stunning circles of white gold are beautifully linked together to create this masterpiece. Alternately studded with 4 Carat diamonds with SI clarity and G-H color, the bracelet grace the wrist with beauty...
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    • 14K White Gold Oval Links White and Black Diamond Bracelet Sale
    • $5,650.00 $10,002.00
      Revealing a charismatic design and breathtaking elegance, the 14K white gold bracelet induces a dose of sparkle to the wrist. The artistic excellence is exhibited in its creative design of circles that are linked together to form this masterpiece. Alternately studded with 4.55 Carat weight black and white diamonds, the links are shining with an ultimate shimmer. A total of...
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    • 14K White Gold Diamond Mesmerize 3 Cylinder Bracelet Sale
    • $1,490.00 $2,680.00
      The voluptuous bracelet reveals the exuberant personality with the white shades of white gold brightening up with the shimmer of diamonds. Crafted with 14K white gold, the bracelet is embellished with a stunning design with 3 cylinder motifs studded with round-cut, 1.05 Carat weight diamonds having SI clarity and G-H color. Exhibiting the artistic excellence with its exceptional design, the...
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    • 14 K White Gold Diamond Circle Halo Bracelet Sale
    • $2,700.00 $3,900.00
      Grace your wrist with this aesthetically amazing and timeless 14K white gold bracelet embellished with 3.35 ct diamonds.  Inspired by the varying shades of light, this striking necklace is handcrafted with an array of round cut diamonds to create a magnificent burst of a beautiful pattern. An ensemble of oval and round shape arrangements, with a variety of cuts, further...
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    • 14k White Gold Diamond Vine Motif Bracelet Sale
    • $2,850.00 $3,900.00
      An ornate creation of everlasting sparkle! Capturing the natural charm of the leaf, the marvelous 14 k white gold bracelet wraps up the wrist with true elegance. Embellished with the sparkling 2 ct diamonds, each of the leaf swiftly linked to form this masterpiece. Featuring an exceptional meticulous design that highlights each and every detail, this mesmerizing piece fastens the...
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    • 14 K White Gold  Diamond Oval Motif Bracelet Sale
    • $2,200.00 $4,400.00
      A dose of purity and elegance! Elegant and exquisite, this 14 k white gold bracelet is articulated with unique oval design impeccably linked together to wrap the delicate wrist. Incorporating dazzling 2.5 ct diamonds, this exceptional bracelet brings visual intrigue with its unmatched charisma. Flattering design and glamorous touch make the bracelet an epitome of unmatched beauty. Rendered with high-quality 14 k white...
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    • 18K White Gold Diamond Stacked Loop Bracelet Sale
    • $11,000.00 $18,000.00
      Beautifully translating the brilliance of diamonds into a jewel, the masterpiece awaits to embraces the petite wrist. Over are set in 18K white gold to bring some dazzle to this stunning accent. The enthralling patterns are crafted with exquisite attention to detail. Round cut diamonds are inlaid around the pattern to create a timeless design. The meticulous and thoughtful...
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    • 18K White Gold Diamond Link Bracelet Sale
    • $12,500.00 $18,000.00
      An enthralling dose of beauty and magnificence! Graced with slightly curved surfaces linked together, the stunning bracelet sparkles the wrist with its enduring charm. A dual-array of brilliant cut 7.5ct. diamonds aligns the borders and brings a touch of elegance to the graceful design. Finely mounted in 18K white gold, the diamonds exhibits beautiful shades of luminescence. Rendered with the...
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    • 14K White Gold Diamond Enchanting Circle Bracelet Sale
    • $2,800.00 $3,900.00
      An enthralling touch of shimmer to the delicate wrist! The elegance of 14 k white gold meets the dazzling sparkle of 2 ct diamonds to form this marvelous bracelet. Designed with cascading the shimmering circular patterns encircled by the diamonds, this bracelet creates an explosion of mesmerizing brilliance. The centers of the circular patterns are encrusted with a floral motif...
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